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Founder and Director


Karim Grant is a former professional athlete that has spent time in both the CFL and NFL that has turned his athletic prowess into a passion for Community and Youth Development that has spanned nearly two decades. During that time, Karim founded the upstart company Make It Happen Inc. that provides meaningful opportunities for youth to seek mentorship, counselling, group facilitation, training and coaching. Make it Happen Inc. has provided hundreds of workshops and training for agencies, schools and youth centres that has impacted the lives of youth throughout the GTA while also serving an extensive event management portfolio.


Grant’s work has also included Provincial outreach where he used his leadership skills to lead over 30 outreach workers in specific geographical deployment of needed resources to youth in underserved and high priority neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area while providing access to programs, schools and alternative education. Since his departure from professional sports has coached football and basketball at some of the highest levels of amateur sport, where he has orchestrated and supported many of his athletes receive scholarships to various secondary and post-secondary institutions throughout North America. While coaching, Grant has won titles at almost every level of coaching, as he boasts championships at the Rep, AAU and OFSAA level of competition.


Karim is also an established and published columnist, who currently writes predominantly for Urbanology Magazine and other freelance endeavors. Grant is committed to excellence and continuously providing a voice to the voiceless, securing community partnerships, creating everlasting bonds and developing healthy communities from the inside out.

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