Teachers, principals and counsellors will help to identify specific students who they feel could benefit from this workshop. The basis for the needs we are addressing are derived from primarily 3 areas: the findings in the most recent TDSB stats report re: student drop out rates, etc., the needs identified by staff and the geographical challenges being faced by youth, in particular young males between the age 14-18 in that particular neighbourhood/surrounding community.


Characteristics of Priority Population:

  • Racialized and marginalized youth

  • In-risk youth

  • Ages 14 - 17

Priority Population Needs:

  • Behavioral modification

  • Anger Management

  • Anti-social behavior

  • Self-awareness

  • Music literacy and comprehension

  • Critical and Analytical thinking

  • Importance of leadership, education and transferrable skills

  • Social responsibility

  • Importance of student teacher relationship/working with others